U-CARE: AdultCan

Cancer is a collective name for approximately 200 different illnesses which afflict around 55 000 people in Sweden every year. Cancer treatment often lasts a long time and often has physical side-effects. These side-effects can also have a negative effect on a person’s wellbeing for a long time after treatment has ended. Around 25% of cancer sufferers develop mental problems which require greater treatment and support than can be provided by a regular health care nurse or doctor.

i) To develop an intervention process with internet-based step-by-step care
ii) To evaluate the effects of the intervention on anxiety, depression and the health-related quality of life of cancer patients who report anxiety and depression symptoms when diagnosed
iii) To compare the results of i) and ii) with those of regular care
iv) To study potential health-economic effects of the intervention.

Time schedule
Inclusion of participants started in 2013 and is planned to end in 2016.

Mattsson, S., Alfonsson, S., Carlsson, M., Nygren, P., Olsson, E. & Johansson, B. (2013). U-CARE: Internet-based stepped care with interactive support and cognitive behavioral therapy for reduction of anxiety and depressive symptoms in cancer--a clinical trial protocol. BMC Cancer, 13, 414. doi:10.1186/1471-2407-13-414.

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Contact person
Associate Professor Birgitta Johansson, e-mail: birgitta.johansson@igp.uu.se,
telephone: +4618-611 1070

Project leader
Birgitta Johansson