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The U-CARE-portal

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Within U-CARE, we develop interventions and then examine the effects of these using the U-CARE-portal (the Portal). The Portal is an internet-based infrastructure used to deliver and evaluate internet-based interventions and carry out research of other kinds. It is used by researchers, both U-CARE’s own and others. Interventions are delivered and data collected via the Portal. Some use the Portal to collect data without evaluating the effect of an intervention. All the data collected is always handled in a secure manner and in accordance with Swedish legislation.

By offering care and psychological treatment over the internet, it is possible to provide care and treatment to patients and their families regardless of the specialist medical expertise available where they live. Another advantage is that individuals can work on a self-help programme when it suits them best. 

Would you like to know more?
Contact project coordinator Miro Anter to find out more about how U-CARE can help you to conduct your research over the internet.

Why the U-CARE-portal?

Photo of a person's hands as the person works on a laptop and smartphone.

  • Internet-based infrastructur that makes self-care, care and psychological treatment possible.
  • Can be used for clinical studies, experimental research and observation studies.
  • The high level of security due to the data and data traffic being encrypted and the double log-in procedure.
Last modified: 2023-02-06