U-CARE Healthcare

Psychosocial care is offered within the U-CARE research programme. U-CARE complies with Swedish laws and regulations that govern healthcare, meaning that individuals receiving care within U-CARE have the same protection and rights as at any Swedish caregiver. Healthcare provided by U-CARE is free of charge, and it is offered to people in certain target groups within our research studies. This means it is not possible for people to seek healthcare from U-CARE on their own initiative.

Contact person U-CARE Healthcare:
Erik Olsson (head of U-CARE Healthcare)
Department of Women's and Children's Health
Uppsala University

Annual patient safety reports

A report on routines and organisation for patients safety. The report includes unintended and unexpected incidents that could have led to harm for one or more patients. Furthermore, achieved goals and goals of improved patient safety are listed.

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Last modified: 2023-03-20