To make use of the knowledge and experiences of the public, we invite people to participate in our citizen panel U-CARE IDEA (Involving, Democratic and Experience-based research).

Panel members work with us to:

  • Identify relevant and important research questions
  • Improve the focus, quality and relevance of our research
  • Find solutions and develop innovations that can have a positive impact on society
  • Learn new things and become research active citizens

Our goal is to create a panel consisting of individuals from different backgrounds who can assist us in the development of new research questions, questionnaires, self-help programmes etc. Of course, individual members decide which particular projects they wish to participate in.

Panel members are invited to seminars we organise.

U-CARE saves the information and personal data provided by individuals in connection with their registration. All personal data is processed in accordance with Swedish legislation (PuL 1998: 204), and Uppsala University is responsible for this. In accordance with PuL, all individuals may once per year access all information about themselves and, if necessary, have any potential errors corrected. Information is not disclosed to anyone apart from the individual it concerns. An individual can leave the Panel at any time and without giving any particular reason.

Everyone is welcome to join our citizen panel U-CARE IDEA.

Contact person U-CARE IDEA:
Helena Grönqvist, research coordinator
Department of Women's and Children's Health
Uppsala University

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