Citizen-based research

Within U-CARE, we work actively to ensure that our research will be used and be useful. 

Patient and citizen collaboration is a very important part of our activities. We do the research together with patients and other citizens, not for them. This approach helps us to formulate accurate and relevant research questions, to apply acceptable research methods and to increase the relevance and usefulness of the interventions we develop within U-CARE. Our objective is to develop effective interventions which can be implemented in the regular health and medical care services. We aim to achieve this through close collaboration with patients, their families and various health care professionals.

Photo of a hand putting a piece of paper in a ballot box

Below you will find information about our work on citizen collaboration. Do you want to know more? Or do you perhaps have suggestions you think could help us in our work? If so, do not hesitate to contact Research Coordinator Helena Grönqvist.


Light bulbs symbolising ideas

To make use of the knowledge and experiences of the public, we invite people to participate in our new citizen panel U-CARE IDEA (Involving, Democratic and Experience-based research).

More about U-CARE IDEA

Designed to make young people feel at home – interview with Tom Skogsberg, teenage panel

Cancer treatment often puts a great physical strain on the patient. But suffering from cancer can also be psychologically distressing. Some feel very low or depressed. U-CARE aims to give young patients who feel distressed the opportunity to get help in a simple manner that they themselves can control. U-CARE is currently preparing a web-based programme for treatment. Read the interview with Tom Skogsberg.

Picture of Tom Skogsberg