Faraja Chiwanga’s Post-registration seminar

  • Date: –13:00
  • Location: Zoom https://uu-se.zoom.us/j/65628506020
  • Lecturer: Faraja Chiwanga
  • Organiser: U-CARE
  • Contact person: Oscar Blomberg
  • Seminarium

Welcome to Faraja Chiwanga’s Post-registration seminar.

The seminar will start with PhD student Faraja Chiwanga presenting her research plan for the PhD project "Development of an mHealth intervention to increase guardians’ adherence to follow-up care for childhood leukemia in Tanzania following the new MRC Complex Interventions Framework: A focus on core elements". After Faraja’s introduction, Senior Lecturer Maria Gottvall, who has reviewed the research plan, will lead a discussion.

The aim of the seminar is to give feedback on the research plan and identify weaknesses or areas of improvement that should be taken into consideration in the PhD project.

The seminar will be in English. 

Last modified: 2021-02-24