Photovoice: an introduction

  • Date: –15:30
  • Location: Rudbecklaboratoriet Gösta Hultquist, Rudbeck BV södra korr, C11
  • Lecturer: Joanne Woodford, Assistant Senior Lecturer in Healthcare Sciences
  • Website
  • Organiser: U-CARE
  • Contact person: Oscar Blomberg
  • Seminarium

Photovoice is a community-based, visual participatory action research methodology, whereby participants are the experts of their own lives (Bang & Wang, 2006).

Well conducted photovoice projects can facilitate and enable the voices of populations often neglected in traditional research to voice important issues, community concerns, and strengths.

In this seminar we will explore:

- What is photovoice?

- How can photovoice be used?

- How do we overcome common methodological limitations?

- What ethical considerations are specific to photovoice, and how do we overcome them?

We will also try out the technique during the seminar, so bring a Smartphone or camera!

The seminar will be in English.

Last modified: 2021-02-24