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Welcome to U-CARE Mudassir Mustafa, who recently has been recruited as a researcher in e-Health and will be responsible for the development of a new version of the U-CARE-portal.

Photo of Mudassir Mustafa
Ten years ago, in January 2012, PhD Mudassir Mustafa joined U-CARE as a PhD candidate within U-CARE.
– My PhD project dealt with converting the Portal to mobile devices and develop functionalities for data export.

A new version of the U-CARE-portal
The U-CARE-portal (Portal) is an internet-based platform used to deliver and evaluate treatments and carry out different research procedures. The current Portal was developed about 10 years ago, and new functions have been added over the years.

– The current Portal has a lot of benefits, says Mudassir. It is a secure platform with many different functionalities, such as informed consent online via Bank ID, tools for randomizing study participants, and SMS reminders. However, it is not built to be as flexible as we would prefer it to be.

One of the focus areas in Mudassir Mustafa’s research is to examine what the most important principles for sustainable systems are. He is convinced that the technological development in general needs to be taken into consideration in the development of sustainable systems.

– Both hardware and programming features are constantly being developed; people start using new technical devices such as smartwatches and more powerful smartphones. All this need to be considered when one develops a new system.

Background at the Centre for Digital Humanities
Before Mudassir was recruited to U-CARE, he worked as a research engineer at the Centre for Digital Humanities. There he was involved in providing computing resources that were used in research infrastructure within the HumSam faculty.

– I developed and maintained tools used in for example a citizen science project, which was about transcribing and translating literature into different languages.

His position required both programming skills and the ability to explain different functions for researchers in humanities.

– I modified different tools to make them easier to use for researcher in humanities, says Mudassir. I also arranged workshops to train colleagues in the tools they were going to use.

Photo of a fire outside
In his spare time, Mudassir enjoys having
a barbeque outside with his family.
Winter and cold temperatures do not stop them. 

Enjoys being in nature
When Mudassir is not working, he enjoys wandering in nature.

– My wife, our four kids and I enjoy having a barbeque out in nature. Even in the wintertime, Mudassir says with a smile. We also like swimming. I will go on baby swimming with my 1,5 years old daughter later today.

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