Study published: Patients’ access to their psychiatric health records


A study recently published in the scientific journal Environmental Research and Public Health has explored national and local policies in Sweden regarding patients’ online access to their psychiatric health records.

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The study found that of Sweden’s 21 self-governed regions, 17 regions share psychiatric health records with patients. Private care providers reported that they mainly follow the regions’ guidelines.

Phd student Annika Bärkås is one of the authors of the study:

Photo of Annika Bärkås
PhD student Annika Bärkås.

– Our findings show that there are still regional differences concerning sharing of psychiatric health records. At the same time, these regional differences appear to have decreased during recent years and more regions are moving toward increased transparency for psychiatry patients.

Read the full article “Patients’ access to their psychiatric notes: Current policies and practices in Sweden”. It is written by Annika Bärkås, Isabella Scandurra, Hanife Rexhepi, Charlotte Blease, Åsa Cajander, and Maria Hägglund (principal investigator).

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Last modified: 2023-03-24