Study published: Swedish version of questionnaire about nurses’ caring


Photo of Anna Klarare.
Anna Klarare, Senior Lecturer at Ersta Sköndal Bräcke College and affiliated researcher to U-CARE,
is one of the authors of the article.

A study about the Caring Behaviors Inventory-24 (CBI-24) questionnaire, which is used to assess nurses’ caring, has been published in the journal Human Resources for Health.

Translation and testing of its reliability and validity
CBI-24 is used to assess nurses’ caring from four dimensions: 1) Assurance – be readily available to meet persons’ needs; 2) Knowledge/skill – demonstrate proficiency and competence; 3) Respectful – attend to the dignity of a person 4) Connectedness – provide constant assistance and presence in care.

In order to test the accuracy of the Swedish translation, the questionnaire was first translated into Swedish by bilingual experts before it was translated back into English by independent translators. It turned out the translation process had not resulted in any major changes of meaning.

After this process, the questionnaire’s reliability and validity was assessed by letting 234 persons answer the questionnaire.

Project about equality in healthcare for women in homelessness
The results showed that the Swedish version of CBI-24 has acceptable levels of reliability and validity. The questionnaire will be used in a project that explores equality in healthcare for women in homelessness, which is led by Professor Elisabet Mattson.

Read the full article “Caring Behaviors Inventory-24: translation, cross-cultural adaption and psychometric testing for use in a Swedish context”. It is written by Anna Klarare, Anna Wikman, Mona Söderlund, Jenny McGreevy, Elisabet Mattsson and Andreas Rosenblad.

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