New study published: Forced migrant women’s experiences of trauma-informed care in Sweden


A recent study in Heliyon explores the experiences of trauma-informed care among forced migrant women.

Eleven women with experience of treatment at multidisciplinary trauma centers in Sweden were interviewed in the study. The interviews were analyzed with systematic text condensation.

Tommy Carlsson is one of the researchers behind
the study. He is Associate Professor at the Red 
Cross University College and associate researcher
to U-CARE. 

The analysis showed that participants experienced individual and structural barriers that hindered their access to adequate health services. They also expressed that undergoing treatment required considerable energy and determination. At the same time, participants appreciated the supportive and compassionate nature of that the care provided. Peer support was suggested by participants as a way to improve the support.

The study's findings underscore the importance of accessible and culturally adapted trauma care for forced migrant women, with peer support having the potential to further enhance support.

Read the full paper ‘Women's experiences of trauma-informed care for forced migrants: A qualitative interview study’. It is written by Linda Jolof, Patricia Rocca, and Tommy Carlsson.

Miro Anter

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Last modified: 2023-03-24