Welcome Moein Ghorbanali!


Welcome to U-CARE and the research group Healthcare Sciences and e-Health, Moein Ghorbanali! Moein will work part-time as a system developer, taking part in the development of the U-CARE Platform.

Moein Ghorbanali utomhus i solen
Moein Ghorbanali moved to Sweden from Iran for less than a year ago. He is currently studying a master's programme i computer science. Foto: Miro Anter

Front-end developer
– As a front-end developer I will develop what you as a user see on the U-CARE Platform, everything you click on, everything you interact with, Moein explains.

Moein moved to Sweden from Iran for less than a year ago, and has previously worked with both front-end and back-end development. He has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and is currently studying a master’s programme in computer science, at Uppsala University.

– It was a big change for me to move to Sweden for about eight months ago, Moein says. That was the first time I visited another country outside of Iran. A lot of things work differently here compared to Iran.

Well-organized work flow
One thing that Moein point out as an important positive with his current position is that the work is better organized compared to his previous experiences of working with web development.

– I appreciate that I know what is expected of me during the two upcoming weeks. Knowing the long-term plans allows me to optimize my work.

In his spare time, Moein enjoys watching movies, which is a different experience in Sweden compared to Iran.

– I’m a movie geek, so I really enjoy the large selection of movies here in Sweden. I also like spending time with my friends, which I appreciate even more after I moved here.

Miro Anter

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Last modified: 2023-03-24