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Welcome to U-CARE and the research group Healthcare Sciences and e-Health, Ida Österman Menander, who will work part-time as a student research assistant during the spring of 2024. Ida will work within the research project INVOLVERA, for which assistant senior lecturer Joanne Woodford is principal investigator.

Ida Österman Menander
Ida Österman Menander will work as a student research assistant in the INVOLVERA research project. 

Interviews about public contribution

Ida will work as a student research assistant in parallel with her studies on the master's programme in global health, at Uppsala University. During the fall of 2023, Ida did an internship within the INVOLVERA project, so she is familiar with the project which focuses on developing a support programme for people with dementia and depression. She is now looking forward to immersing herself even more in the project.

Ida will primarily investigate how informal caregivers of people with dementia have participated as active collaborators in INVOLVERA.

– I will interview both members of the research group and informal caregivers of people with dementia about how they think the collaboration has worked, Ida explains. For example, what has worked well and not so well, and how we can recruit more informal caregivers and people with dementia for public contribution in future projects.

Ida wants to continue working in the field of health in some way in the future, but she currently does not know in what way. In her spare time she likes to read books, hang out with friends, and watch TV series. She is particularly fond of feel-good detective dramas. 

– One of my favorite TV series is Midsomer Murders, says Ida. That’s exactly my kind of cozy detective dramas.

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