Welcome back, Marina Marchal!


Welcome back to U-CARE and the research group Healthcare Sciences and e-Health, Marina Marchal, who will work as a part-time student employee in the spring of 2024.

Marina Marchal on a park bench in the nature
Marina Marchal has recently been hired as a part-time student employee. She is looking forward to the spring and being able to be outside in nature more.

Post-traumatic growth

Marina Marchal will work within a project on post-traumatic growth, led by professor Erik Olsson. Post-traumatic growth means positive psychological changes that can occur as a result of a traumatic event.

– It could for example be that people prioritize their lives differently, or appreciate life more, Marina explains. In the project I am involved in, we are comparing post-traumatic growth in two groups: people who have received a cancer diagnosis and people who have suffered a myocardial infarction. In a next step, we want to look at how post-traumatic growth evolves over time in each group.

Returns to U-CARE

Marina has previously done her internship at U-CARE as part of her master's education in innovative medicine at Uppsala University. The welcoming atmosphere made her positive to return as as student employee.

In her spare time, Marina likes to be outdoors, as soon as the weather gets nicer.

– I’m looking forward to being outside more, hiking and discovering all the nature that Sweden has to offer. Apart from the mosquitoes, they were really awful last year, Marina laughs.

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Last modified: 2023-03-24