Markus Saarijärvi interviewed on P4 Östergötland


Postdoctoral researcher Markus Saarijärvi was interviewed this week on 'Förmiddag i P4 Östergötland' on Sveriges Radio about his latest grant from the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation and the Stepstones-Implement project.

Markus Saarijärvi and the P4 Östergötland logo

During the interview, Markus talks about his research and the Stepstones-Implement project, which aims to facilitate the transition for young people with chronic diseases as they move from pediatric care to adult care through a transition program.

– We have developed this program based on what young people, their parents, and healthcare professionals consider important and scientifically evaluated it in Sweden at university hospitals, Markus explains during the interview.

Listen to the program on the Sveriges Radio website. The interview with Markus starts at 1:07:35.

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Last modified: 2023-03-24