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Welcome to U-CARE and the research group Healthcare Sciences and e-Health, professor Anna Cristina Åberg, who recently has been employed as a part-time researcher. Anna Cristina will primarily be involved in the research project Involvera, in which a self-help programme for depression in people with dementia will be developed and evaluated.

Professor Anna Cristina Åberg
Professor Anna Cristina Åberg. 

Background in healthcare
Anna Cristina Åberg has a long and solid professional career in healthcare, where she has mainly worked with elderly patients. She has, for example, worked as a physiotherapist, held various management roles and has been responsible for R&D. Just over 20 years ago, she received her doctorate in geriatrics at Uppsala University, and was for many years attached to the geriatrics department at the Uppsala University Hospital. She is Associate Professor of physical therapy and Professor of medical science at the University of Dalarna, where she is doing research in dementia and cognitive impairment, alongside other topics.

Anna Cristina has had an ongoing collaboration with our research group for several years and is assistant supervisor to the PhD candidates Oscar Blomberg and Frida Svedin. She is looking forward to having more time for research within the Involvera project, which is led by Assistant Senior Lecturer Joanne Woodford.

– I am very happy about this collaboration. It feels like my background goes hand in hand with the Involvera project and I’m really looking forward to contributing with my knowledge and skills, says Anna Cristina.

Cultivation-interested 'culture buff'
In her spare time, Anna Cristina has a great interest in culture.

– I am a real culture buff, says Anna Cristina with a smile. I like all kinds of culture, as long as it is of high quality.

Farming is also a dear interest of hers.

– I have a large balcony area and an allotment cottage where I grow almost everything, except potatoes. I have several pots on my balcony, in which I grow large amounts of tomatoes. One of my tricks is that I use a semi-automatic irrigation system which only needs to be filled once a week in the middle of the summer.

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