New films about the transition from pediatric to adult healthcare in young people with chronic conditions


In the research project Stepstones, a programme that improves the transition from pediatric to adult healthcare has been developed. As the transition programme now is being implemented within parts of the Swedish healthcare system, a number of films about the programme have been published.

Postdoc Markus Saarijärvi
Postdoctoral researcher Markus Saarijärvi. 

The research project Stepstones-Implement is run by U-CARE's postdoctoral researcher Markus Saarijärvi, in collaboration with a research group at the University of Gothenburg and six of Sweden’s university hospitals. The project aims to improve the transition from pediatric healthcare to adult healthcare for adolescents with chronic conditions.

New videos
A number of videos have now been published about the transition programme developed within Stepstones. The videos describe the central parts of the programme, which was developed in collaboration with adolescents, their parents, young adults, patient associations, and healthcare professionals.

– The programme is currently being implemented within parts of the Swedish healthcare, says Markus Saarijärvi. We will develop marketing materials in collaboration with a PR company to spread information about the programme to patients, their close ones, healthcare professionals, and the general public. This is one of several important strategies to facilitate more equal and sustainable transitional care in Sweden.

Watch the videos here.

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Last modified: 2023-03-24