New members of U-CARE’s executive committee and steering committee


We welcome Anne H Berman and Markus Saarijärvi who have been appointed as new members of U-CARE’s executive committee, and Mikael Elinder who has been appointed as a new member of U-CARE’s steering committee. 

Anne H Berman, Markus Saarijärvi and Mikael Elinder
From the left: Professor Anne H Berman, Dr. Markus Saarijärvi, and Associate Professor Mikael Elinder.

Anne H Berman is a professor at the Department of Psychology. Anne’s research concerns digital interventions to reduce the treatment gap for common mental disorders (CMDs) among university students and for addictive behaviors among students and adults.

Markus Saarijärvi is a postdoc and is since October 2023 employed within U-CARE. Markus’ research concerns the development, evaluation, and implementation of complex interventions in healthcare.

Mikael Elinder is an associate professor at the Department of Economics. Mikael has, among other things, conducted research on questions of inheritance, health behaviour, voting behaviour, and health economics.

Anne and Markus will, together with the other members of U-CARE’s executive committee, lead and develop U-CARE, be responsible for its economy and strengthen the cooperation with different disciplinary areas. The members are appointed for a three year term.

Mikael Elinder will, together with the other members of U-CARE’s steering committee, decide on general guidelines for U-CARE, set the overarching agenda for U-CARE, appoint members to the executive committee, and yearly propose a budget, activity plan, and activity report. Mikael was appointed in a by-election and will serve as a member of the steering committee until 2025-02-28.

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Last modified: 2023-03-24