New grants for researchers in U-CARE


Postdoc Markus Saarijärvi and researcher Kine Johansen have been awarded funding for their research from the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation and the Gillberg Foundation (Gillbergska Stiftelsen), respectively, for their research projects. 

Researcher Kine Johansen and postdoc Markus Saarijärvi
To the left: Researcher Kine Johansen. To the right: Postdoc Markus Saarijärvi

Markus has been awarded SEK 420,000 from the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation for his research project Stepstones-Implement – a project aimed at implementing a person-centered transition programme for young people with heart disease and other groups of young people with long-term conditions.

Kine has been awarded a scholarship of SEK 22,000 from the Gillberg Foundation to recruit participants for studies in the project Bridging the gap. The purpose of the project is to develop and test a school-based intervention to promote participation among children with motor difficulties.

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Last modified: 2023-03-24