Motor skill challenges with Kine Johansen at Scifest


Scifest is a science festival that invites people of all ages to get a taste of the research conducted in Uppsala through various activities. At this year's festival, U-CARE's researcher Kine Johansen had a booth where participants could test their motor skills.

Participants engaging in motor skill challenges.
Festival participants try to balance dice at Kine's booth at Scifest.

At Kine's booth, called 'Spin the Wheel,' participants were encouraged to spin a wheel of fortune that offered a range of motor skills challenges, from long jumps to balancing dice on a wooden stick in their mouths. Kine also took the opportunity to explain what motor skills entail and share information about ongoing studies.

Kine in front of her booth
Ph.D. Kine Johansen in front of her booth
'Spin the Wheel.'

Scifest, organised by Uppsala University and SLU, aims to spark an interest in science among children and young people, and perhaps sow the seeds for them to become future researchers themselves.

– It was fun to showcase my research to children and young people. The challenges brought out the spirit of playfulness in most participants, says Kine. It was great that we had children of different ages and with various motor challenges participating. Regardless of age and ability, there was a lot of laughter, and many experienced the feeling of success. It was non-stop action for two full days!

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Last modified: 2023-03-24