Study published: Experiences of education about forced migrants who identify as LGBTQ+ refugees in nursing programs


In a study recently published in Nurse Education Today, researchers explore experiences of education about forced migrants who identify as LGBTQ+. They found that nursing students and lecturers are seeking clearer guidelines and increased competence to promote inclusive and equitable healthcare. 

Students at a lecture
Refugees who identify as LGBTQ+ find themselves in a vulnerable position both in their home countries and during their journey as refugees. Healthcare plays a significant role in addressing and assisting marginalised groups, underscoring the importance of incorporating LGBTQ+ content within healthcare education.

The aim of this study was to investigate students' and lecturers' perspectives and experiences regarding education about LGBTQ+ identifying forced migrants in nursing programs in Sweden. The 25 participants engaged in focus groups to discuss related issues, with data subsequently analysed through inductive qualitative content analysis.

The study revealed challenges and lack of awareness among both students and lecturers concerning LGBTQ+ and forced migrant issues. The researchers suggest that enhancing lecturers' competence and more explicitly incorporating these topics in national education guidelines are necessary to improve nurse education. They also emphasize the need for further research to develop both the theoretical and clinical aspects of nursing education for greater inclusivity and equity in healthcare.

Read the article ’Nurse education about forced migrants with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions: An exploratory focus group study’. It was written by Maria Gottvall, Calle Brunell, Anna Eldebo, Rogers Kissiti, Elisabet Mattsson, Maria Jirwe, and Tommy Carlsson.

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Last modified: 2023-03-24