Welcome, Abla Sami!


Welcome, Abla Sami, who has recently started an internship at U-CARE. During her internship, Abla will be working on qualitative data analysis and research administration, among other tasks.

Abla obtained her internship through Korta vägen, an educational program developed in collaboration between the Employment Service and Academicum. The program aims to help foreign-born academics prepare for the Swedish job market.

With a master's degree in public health sciences, Abla has previously worked as a research assistant at the World Health Organization (WHO). Abla sees public health sciences as a means for her to help vulnerable groups.

– My life goal is to help people, and public health sciences can help me achieve that goal, explains Abla. Research in public health is crucial for identifying areas of improvement for vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly, people with illnesses, and refugees.

Originally from Jerusalem, Abla arrived in Sweden in 2020. What she looks forward to in her internship is improving her Swedish language skills and gaining more experience in the Swedish job market.

– I'm excited to be part of the research culture here at Uppsala University, says Abla. It will also be fascinating to experience the culture of a Swedish workplace.

In her free time, Abla enjoys being outdoors with her husband and son and exploring Uppsala.

– I like trying new restaurants and cafes, says Abla. It's a fun way to discover Uppsala.

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Last modified: 2023-03-24