Luciana Terceiro appointed as PhD Student!


Congratulations to Luciana Terceiro, who recently was appointed as a PhD Student in eHealth within U-CARE. Luciana will in her PhD project develop the internet-based research platform called the U-CARE Platform (the Platform) with a focus on user engagement.

Luciana Terceiro
Luciana Terceiro has been working as a research assistant at U-CARE since January and has now been admitted as a PhD student.

Luciana was previously employed as a research assistant and has been working together with the development team on questions of accessibility and engagement when developing the U-CARE Platform. In her PhD project, Luciana will investigate how the users, consisting of patients, informal caregivers, healthcare professionals, and researchers, experience the Platform.

Luciana thinks that it is important to explore and create new ways to give and receive care.

–If we can create engagement, it will not only mean that we can improve patients’ health, but also that we can conduct more effective research, says Luciana.

The project will be co-creative and involve the different groups of users. Luciana will conduct interviews with researchers, patients, and caregivers, and lead collaborative workshops.

– To create engagement, it is important to identify what is of value to the user, Luciana explains. We need to understand what is important to them when they use the Platform.

When Luciana reflects on what is of value to her in her life, she concludes that it is when she can gain new knowledge.

– I enjoy learning new things! Which is an important reason why I have made my way into academia. Learning is very valuable to me.

Luciana’s main supervisor is associate professor Maria Hägglund. Co-supervisors are Anna Kharko and Mudassir Mustafa. 

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Last modified: 2023-03-24