Affiliated researcher to U-CARE interviewed in Status


Fredrika Norlund, psychologist and affiliated researcher at U-CARE, is interviewed in the latest issue of Status – the national association Hjärtlung's membership magazine. In the interview, Fredrika discusses her work with patients with heart disease.

Cover of Status magazine and image of Fredrika Norlund
To the left: 'Status', the Heart-Lung Association's member magazine (no. 2/2023, April). Photo: Stefan Bladh. To the right: Affiliated Researcher Fredrika Norlund.

In her work as a psychologist, Fredrika encounters patients with both rare and common heart conditions. In the interview, Fredrika shares the patients' experiences of being diagnosed and how they are received by their surroundings. Fredrika also provides advice on what one can do when struggling with their diagnosis.

Read the article ’Many feel lonely with a rare diagnosis’ (Swedish: ’Många känner sig ensamma med en ovanlig diagnos’). It is written by Linda Swartz and published in Status nr 2/2023, which was released in April.

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Last modified: 2023-03-24