Welcome Maria Hanser!


Welcome to U-CARE Maria Hanser, who recently started her position as a research assistant. Maria will work on a project where the researchers investigate how children with motor difficulties experience school.

Maria Hanser

Within the research project, the researchers will, besides studying children, explore experiences among their parents as well as school staff and caregivers. Kine Johansen, associated researcher to U-CARE, is the researcher responsible for the project.

As a research assistant, Maria will mainly develop questionnaires, but the plan is to eventually interview the children. Besides working as a research assistant, Maria also works as a physiotherapist focusing on children with motor difficulties and pain. She thinks it will be interesting to study how the children experience their school environment.

– Since I work with these children as a physiotherapist, it will be exciting to explore this population from a different perspective.

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Last modified: 2023-03-24