Welcome Sajad, Nataliia, and Leonora!


U-CARE welcomes new system developers Sajad Sharhani and Nataliia Snezhkina, and student employee Leonora Stiernborg. They will, together with the development team, work on a new version of the U-CARE portal.

Sajad, Nataliia, and Leonora.
Sajad, Nataliia, and Leonora will work together with the development team.

The new employees will work with the code for the Portal and the view that users see, and in different ways, help the development team in their work.

Nataliia has a background in civil engineering, Sajad is a master’s student in computational science, and Leonora is studying a master’s programme in software development. They consider their different backgrounds a strength, Nataliia says. They believe that it can help them be more flexible and innovative.

– We look forward to being part of the entire process, from design to implementation, says Leonora.

– We hope that we will be able to boost the researchers and their studies and bring about a positive impact for the people who use the Portal, Sajad continues.

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Last modified: 2023-03-24