Welcome Luciana Terceiro!


Welcome, Luciana Terceiro, who recently started her position as a research assistant. Luciana will, together with the development team, work on a new version of the U-CARE portal.

Luciana standing in front of a yellow wall.
Research assistant Luciana Terceiro.

Luciana has previously worked with user experience design and has education in social anthropology as well as technology and digital design. She will work together with the development team to further develop the U-CARE portal in terms of user engagement and accessibility.

– It’s very important to understand the user and create conditions for all users to access a service, Luciana explains.

Luciana likes to study and learn.

– I look forward to working within academia. The academic setting is great for exchanging experiences, Luciana says. But what I like about U-CARE is that we are also putting things into practice.

Five years ago, Luciana moved to Sweden from Brazil with her husband and her daughter, who she is currently learning to sew.

– I enjoy arts and crafts and photography, says Luciana. I especially like to take pictures of architecture.

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Last modified: 2023-03-24