Study published: Experiences of the pandemic among women in homelessness


A study recently published in BMC Women’s Health explores the experiences related to the COVID-19 pandemic among women in homelessness in Stockholm, Sweden. The researchers found that several factors further marginalised the women during the pandemic.Woman lying on the street with her back against the viewer.

Homelessness contributes to social division and disparities that become particularly prominent during crises. There are also gendered aspects of homelessness that make women more vulnerable. The authors argue that it is important to gain knowledge of social determinants of health to address the causes of health inequalities.

The researchers conducted interviews with ten Swedish-speaking women with experiences of homelessness. The data were analysed using qualitative content analysis. A collaborative reference group of women with lived experience of homelessness also contributed to the research process.

The researchers write that COVID-19 and homelessness can be viewed as two intersecting crises. However, they found that additional factors beyond the virus and the women’s living situation further marginalised the women. The authors highlight gender, exposure to violence, poverty, social isolation, and substance use. Thus, the experiences of the pandemic among women in homelessness were profoundly different compared to other more privileged groups.

Read the full article ‘Voices of women in homelessness during the outbreak of the COVID‑19 pandemic: a co‑created qualitative study’. It is written by Elisabet Mattsson, Marléne Lindblad, Åsa Kneck, Martin Salzmann‑Eriksson, Anna Klarare, and Women Advisory Board for Inclusion Health.

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Last modified: 2023-03-24