Christina Reuther appointed as PhD student!


Congratulations to Christina Reuther, who recently was admitted as a PhD student within the research program ParentsCan. ParentsCan is a research program led by Louise von Essen that aims to test and improve mental health support for parents of children who have been treated for cancer.

Christina Reuther
Christina Reuther has since April 2022 been working as project coordinator within ParentsCan, and has now been admitted as a PhD student. 

Developing the self-help program EJDeR

Christina was previously employed as a project coordinator and has been working with the study set-up of CHANGE-pilot. CHANGE-pilot is a pilot randomized controlled trial and a follow-up to the feasibility trial ENGAGE. In the feasibility trial ENGAGE, researchers have tested the feasibility and acceptability of the self-help program EJDeR. EJDeR is an internet-administered guided self-help program based on low-intensity cognitive behavioural therapy. In CHANGE-pilot, a pilot randomized controlled trial of the EJDeR intervention will be conducted. During her PhD, Christina will work with findings from both the feasibility trial ENGAGE and the CHANGE-pilot.

Involving parents with children treated for cancer

Researchers and PhD students are working together with system developers to currently make adaptations to EJDeR, and will also work in partnership with parents.

– We will work with Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE), Christina says. By involving parents with children treated for cancer, we can refine and improve the intervention.

Christina looks forward to seeing the project progress.

– It will be fun to see how the intervention develops. It’s like watching a child grow up. It feels important that our work is helpful and that we can improve health among parents. After all, this is the core of everything we do.

Enjoys cooking

In her spare time, Christina enjoys spending time with family and friends, and one of her big hobbies is cooking.

– I don’t have a particular cuisine that I prefer. I like trying out new recipes.

Assistant Senior Lecturer Joanne Woodford is Christina’s main supervisor. Her co-supervisors are Professor Louise von Essen, Dr Maria Gottvall, and researcher Kine Johansen.

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Last modified: 2023-03-24