Workshop on developing health and social care interventions


U-CARE is currently organizing a two-day workshop with researcher David Richards, professor at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. The workshop focuses on techniques for developing complex health and social care interventions and making them ready for evaluation.

Photo of two workshop participants creating a mind map
Workshop participants Philip Leissner and Karin Fängström make a mind map illustrating who are affected by an intervention, in a case they were assigned during the workshop.

During the workshop, participants discuss how patients and the public can be involved in research. Participants also learn how to use storytelling as a tool to visualize key stakeholders and their incentives.

Photo of David Richards
David Richards, professor at Western
Norway University of Applied Sciences. 

The workshop is arranged on two occasions: the first was arranged on December 8-9 and the second on December 12-13. Philip Leissner participated in the first workshop. He appreciated the structure of the workshop: 

– After we got an introductory theoretical briefing, we were divided into groups where we got to work with specific cases. It was a good balance between theory and practice, since we got to try designing our own interventions. I appreciated that we got to present our interventions as a drama with different roles, problems and solutions. That made the discussions more fun.

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Last modified: 2023-03-24