Study published: Feasibility of an internet-administered self-help intervention for parents of children treated for cancer


A study recently published in Cancer Medicine evaluated the feasibility and acceptability of a guided internet-administered cognitive behavioural therapy-based self-help intervention for parents of children previously treated for cancer.

Photo of an adult's hand and a child's hand, holding each other

The study is a feasibility study, that aims to explore the acceptability and feasibility of the intervention and related study procedures before proceeding to a larger, controlled study.

The results showed that both the intervention and the study procedures were overall feasible and acceptable. Recruitment was successful, as well as retention of participants. Some modifications to increase adherence to the intervention and data collection procedures are warranted before continuing to the next stage, which is a randomized pilot study.

Read the full paper ‘Internet-administered, low-intensity cognitive behavioral therapy for parents of children treated for cancer: A feasibility trial (ENGAGE)’. It is written by Ella Thiblin, Joanne Woodford, Christina Reuther, Johan Lundgren, Nina Lutvica, and Louise von Essen.

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Last modified: 2023-03-24