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Welcome to U-CARE Faraja Chiwanga, who recently started her position as a PhD student in Healthcare Sciences. Faraja’s PhD project is part of GuardiansCan, a research project aiming to develop a mobile health support for guardians of children who have been treated for cancer in Tanzania.

Photo of Faraja Chiwanga
PhD student Faraja Chiwanga. Screenshot from a Zoom meeting

Clinician at Muhimbili National Hospital

In addition to being a PhD student, Faraja works as a clinician specialized in endocrinology and diabetes at Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. She holds a master’s degree in public health from University of South Wales and has experience in research in non-communicable diseases.

– Muhimbili National Hospital has the largest clinic for child cancer in Tanzania, Faraja explains. One of the research projects I have been involved in is focused on improving the outcome of treatment for children diagnosed with cancer.

Mobile health intervention for guardians of children who have been treated for cancer

Faraja’s PhD project focuses on the design of the mobile health support that will be used in GuardiansCan.

– We know that the adherence to cancer treatment for children in Tanzania is low, and there is a lack of support for guardians of children who have been treated for cancer, says Faraja. My PhD project aims to investigate what kind of information and support are needed and how it should be delivered. Should we for example use SMS messages, or maybe a mobile phone application?

Engaged in environmental issues

In her spare time, Faraja is engaged in environmental issues and mitigate the effect of climate change.

– The area where I come from in central Tanzania has serious problems resulting from climate change, says Faraja. The soil is dry and there is very little rain. I do my best helping communities with, for example, training in climate smart agriculture.

She is a mother of two daughters, 9 and 11 years old, with whom she enjoys travelling.

– We sometimes visit places just for fun, but mostly we visit rural villages, says Faraja. I want my daughters to see what life is like for people living in these villages.

Although her calendar often is full of activities, she sometimes take a break.  

– I enjoy reading! It can be anything – books, newspaper articles, whatever I come across.

Post-registration seminar 16th November

On Wednesday 16th November, Faraja will have her post-registration seminar. Professor Louise von Essen is her main supervisor and principal investigator for GuardiansCan. Her co-supervisors are Professor David Richards and Assistant Senior Lecturer Joanne Woodford.

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