Funding for evaluating psychological support for parents of children treated for cancer


The Swedish Cancer Society has granted a three-year funding of a total of SEK 2.4 million to U-CARE for testing and evaluating the self-help programme EJDeR, which is aimed at parents whose children have been treated for cancer.

Illustration of a child taking a photo of her parents with a mobile phone
Illustration: Rebecka Porse Schalin.

Louise von Essen is principal investigator for the project:

– It feels great that we have received this grant from the Swedish Cancer Society! This allows my colleagues and I to move forward with testing the self-help programme in a pilot study. If the pilot study is successful, our plan is to conduct a randomized controlled trial, CHANGE.Logo for EJDeR

EJDeR is an internet-administered guided self-help program, based on low-intensity cognitive behavioural therapy. It has been developed in close collaboration with parents of children who have been treated for cancer.

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Last modified: 2023-03-24