Meet Rabee Adel, PhD student and research intern!


This fall, we have the opportunity to have PhD student Rabee Adel as an intern in our research group! He is doing an internship within a project dealing with an e-health intervention for informal caregivers of people with a kidney condition.

Photo of Rabee Adel
PhD student Rabee Adel. 

Two master's degrees

Rabee Adel is a PhD student at the University of Lleida in Catalonia. His PhD project is about investigating the effectiveness of an e-health intervention for obstructive sleep apnia.

Rabee has previously worked as a registered nurse in a cancer clinic in Jordan. He holds two master's degrees: one in Implementation of technology in healthcare from Tallinn University of Technology and one in International health from Uppsala University. He bursts into a smile when he thinks back to his time studying in Uppsala and he still has an affinity with Uppsala University: 

– I still keep in touch with my fellow students with whom I studied the master's program in Uppsala, even though it has been seven years since we graduated. It feels good to be back and create new memories.

Analyzing interviews with different stakeholders

As a research intern, Rabee is currently analyzing interviews with different stakeholders about their views on an e-health intervention for informal caregivers of people with a kidney condition. He conducts the analyses together with PhD student Chelsea Coumoundouros, and is supervised by PhD Joanne Woodford.

– I am happy to have learned new methods of data analysis, and it is interesting to read about how different stakeholders’ views on e-health differ, says Rabee. A social worker can for example have a completely different perspective compared to informal caregiver of a patient with a kidney disease.

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Last modified: 2023-03-24