Welcome Johan Ljungberg!


Welcome to the U-CARE, Johan Ljungberg! Johan will work as a research assistant within the ParentsCan research programme, led by Professor Louise von Essen. 

Photo of Johan Ljungberg
Research assistant Johan Ljungberg. 

Background in public health
Johan holds a magister’s degree in public health from Mälardalen University, where he also has worked as a research assistant within a project that aims to increase meaningful leisure time among high school students.

Learning about CHANGE Pilot
The aim of ParentsCan is to increase access to internet-administered psychological support for parents whose children have been treated for cancer in Sweden. At the moment, Johan is reading through and commenting on the study protocol for CHANGE Pilot, the upcoming research project in AdultsCan.  

– It has been rewarding to read the study protocol for me as a new employee. Now I have a clear picture of what we will do and how this study will lead to a future randomised controlled study. 

Enjoys hiking
Outside of work, Johan likes to engage in physical activities such as hiking in the woods and mountains, play football, and play golf.

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