Ella Thiblin participates in Soapbox Science, Saturday 21st May!


Each year, Soapbox Science is arranged in cities around the world. It is an event where women and non-binary persons who are active in academia present a topic in which they are experts. It takes place at a public place to which anyone can come. This year, U-CARE’s PhD candidate Ella Thiblin participates!

Photo of Ella Thiblin
PhD candidate Ella Thiblin participates in Soapbox Science in Uppsala, Saturday 21st May.

Digitalization in healthcare
– I will speak about digitalization within healthcare in my presentation, says Ella Thiblin. I will highlight the benefits of digitalization, but also mention what the challenges are. I will adjust what I bring up based on who will show up and what questions they will ask.

For Ella, it is important to get a connection with the ones who come by and listen. She wants to avoid just standing and preaching, and hopes that people will ask questions and maybe argue against anything they might disagree with.

– I will be a speaker for an hour, but I will not give a single long speak during all that time, says Ella. When I have hold a short presentation, I will open up for questions and a dialogue. When a new group of curious people shows up, I will hold a new presentation followed by a dialogue with the new group.

An opportunity to practice research communication
Ella says that Soapbox Science is an opportunity to arouse interest among those who listen, and she hopes that they will learn something. She also thinks that it will be a good opportunity for herself to practice her ability to communicate research.

– This is far from something that I am used to doing, so it will be aLogo of Soapbox Science challenge. It will be interesting to practice communicating research in a completely new context.

Soapbox Science Uppsala takes place at Celsiustorget in Uppsala city center, tomorrow Saturday 21st May, between 13.00 and 16.00.

Here you can read more about Soapbox Science in Uppsala and the speakers who will participate.

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