U-CARE visited research partners in Tanzania


In the beginning of May, Louise von Essen, Joanne Woodford and Victor Savi from U-CARE visited Dar es-Salaam in Tanzania to meet their research partners in the GuardiansCan project. A mobile phone support for guardians of children who have been treated for cancer in Tanzania will be developed in the project.

Photo of Golden Masika, Suzan Nzungu, Louise von Essen, Rehema Laiti, Fortunatus Modest, and Victor Savi
PhD Golden Masika, Oncologist Nurse Suzan Nzungu, Professor Louise von Essen, Paediatric Oncologist Rehema Laiti, MSc Fortunatus Modest, and project coordinator Victor Savi. 

Arranged workshop
On site in Dar es-Salaam, the group of three met their research partners, including both researchers and healthcare professionals. One of the purposes of the trip was to plan for recruitment to an advisory group, which is planned to consist of guardians of children who have been treated for cancer.

– We met, among others, paediatric physicians and registered nurses at the Muhimbili National Hospital, where we will recruit guardians to the advisory group, says Louise von Essen, principal investigator for GuardiansCan.

During the week in Tanzania, Joanne Woodford co-arranged a two-day workshop together with David Richards at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. The workshop was focused on intervention development and public involvement in research.

Looks forward to continued collaboration
The next step in the GuardiansCan project is to write ethics applications for research in both

Photo of Louise von Essen
Professor Louise von Essen is principal investigator
for the GuardiansCan research project. 
Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

Tanzania and in Sweden. Once the ethics applications have been approved, the advisory group will be recruited in Tanzania.

Louise von Essen is happy with the trip to Tanzania and looks forward to the continued collaboration.

– Everything fell into place and we made clear who will be responsible for what. It was especially fun that the staff at the Muhimbili hospital were so positive and curious about involving guardians to children in the research. I think this will be a challenging, but also very rewarding project.

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