The GuardiansCan project starts in Tanzania!


At the end of April, Louise von Essen, Joanne Woodford and Victor Savi from U-CARE will travel to Dar es-Salaam in Tanzania to start the project GuardiansCan together with their project partners. A mobile phone support will be developed for guardians of children in Tanzania who have been treated for cancer.

Photo of Louise von Essen
Professor Louise von Essen is principal investigator for the research project GuardinasCan.

The overall goal of GuardiansCan is for guardians of children who have been treated for cancer in Tanzania to learn more about the disease and its treatment, to increase the compliance to the children’s follow-up treatments.

– In Tanzania, about 80% of the children treated for cancer do not survive, says Louise von Essen. In Sweden, the corresponding figure is about 20%. Unfortunately, it is common that children’s cancer treatments in Tanzania are not complied.

On site in Tanzania, Louise von Essen, Joanne Woodford andGuardiansCan logo Victor Savi will start the project together with Faraja Chiwanga (Muhimbili National Hospital), Golden Masika (University of Dodoma), Andrew Mgaya (Muhimbili National Hospital) and David Richards (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences) among others. 

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Last modified: 2022-05-25