Christina Reuther appointed as project coordinator!


Congratulations to Christina Reuther, who recently has started her job as a project coordinator within the research program ParentsCan.

Picture of Christina Reuther
Christina Reuther has worked as a research assistant at U-CARE since November 2020, but works now as a project coordinator.

– ParentsCan is a research program, led by Louise von Essen, that aims to improve the mental health of parents of children who have been treated for cancer and increase the availability of evidence-based psychological support.

Christina was previously employed as a research assistant in the ENGAGE feasibility trial, which tested the self-help program EJDeR, which is aimed at parents whose children have been treated for cancer. EJDeR is an internet-administered guided self-help program, based on low-intensity cognitive behavioral therapy. As a follow-up to the successful ENGAGE study, she will, as a project coordinator, work with the CHANGE study, a pilot randomized controlled trial of the EJDeR intervention.

– My working duties include planning, organizing, setting-up, and conducting the CHANGE-pilot trial. I will help to ensure that we follow the time schedule, and develop documents such as study protocols, ethics applications, and associated study documentation.

Christina has a great interest in parents' mental health, which contributed to her applying for the position.

– I wrote about postpartum depression for my master's thesis, and I think the field of mental health, especially parents' mental health, are very important and interesting areas.

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Last modified: 2022-05-25