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Welcome to U-CARE Imran Bashir, who recently was recruited as a system developer. Imran has a broad background in programming and system development, but his journey has been far from straight.

Photo of Imran Bashir
Imran Bashir was recruited as a system developer within U-CARE in February 2022. 

From Lahore to Northern Sweden
Imran Bashir moved from Lahore in Pakistan to Växjö in Sweden in 2009. He had studied computer science in Lahore for several years, and worked both as a java and web developer. When he arrived in Växjö, he started his master’s studies in software development at the Linnaeus University. Shortly after his master’s degree, he was recruited as a system developer in Stockholm, but the company got financial problems one year later and could not afford to keep Imran as an employee.

Photo of Imran Bashir in a library
Imran during his master's studies in Växjö,
where he studied software development at
the Linnaeus University. 

– In order to get a permanent residence, I had to get a permanent employment, says Imran. So I applied for work at a McDonald’s restaurant in Uppsala. I did my best and was one year nominated as that year's best employee.

When Imran had worked at McDonald’s for five years, he decided to move to Åre in Norhtern Sweden to run a gas station with a car wash together with his wife.

– The gas station is still there today. My wife works part time at the station, but she and our two children will move to Uppsala now that I got this position. 

Returned to system development
To take up his career as a system developer, Imran studied a remote education in Linux system development at Higher Vocational Education.

In February 2022, Imran was recruited as a system developer within U-CARE. He will, together with his colleagues in the developer group, take part in the development of a completely new version of the U-CARE-portal. The Portal is used to deliver and evaluate treatments and to conduct different research procedures, such as randomization.

Photo of Imran Bashir and his family outside in winter landscape in Northern Sweden
Imran with his family in Järpen, Northern Sweden.

Enjoys being with his family
Imran says that when he lived on his own he had lots of spare time, which he spent on being with his friends. Nowadays, he spend most of his time together with his wife and their two children. However, during the summers he and a group of his friends use to meet to play cricket.

– We play cricket, socialize, and discuss current affairs. We talk about all sorts of topics, for example how we can raise our children to make them play a good role in society. I think that if I do good, my children will follow me.

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