Meet Oscar Blomberg, PhD Student

PhD student Oscar works with a project that aims to promote psychological wellbeing in people living with dementia. He started to work at U-CARE during the spring of 2019, then as a research assistant.

– I enjoyed working in the research group and with my supervisor Dr. Joanne Woodford, so when the position as a doctoral student was advertised, it was an easy choice to send in an application, says Oscar.

Oscar's focus is now set on the PROMOTE II project, in which a British care program will be translated and adapted to Swedish context.

– In the first part of my PhD, I will do a systematic review of the research on psychological interventions for people with dementia, says Oscar. After that, I will translate and adapt the care program to Swedish context, together with my colleagues Frida Svedin and Joanne Woodford. It will be carried out in close collaboration with people with dementia, their informal caregivers, healthcare professionals and community stakeholders.

The plan is then to test and evaluate the intervention in a feasibility study.

– Depending on how the project develops, I will possibly explore whether physical activity can be a complement to behavioural activation, says Oscar Blomberg.

Like several other PhD students in the U-CARE team, Oscar has a background in health. He has a bachelor's degree in sports science from GIH, where he studied to be a health educator. In addition, he has a master's degree in public health from Uppsala University.

Oscar's commitment to health and physical activity is also reflected in his hobbies:

– I do a lot of training in my spare time, he explains. I really enjoy training with friends – playing some ball sports or skiing. In addition, I have recently started with CrossFit, so  training definitely takes up a large part of my time, he concludes.

Photo of Oscar Blomberg
Oscar Blomberg, PhD Student.
Last modified: 2021-04-16