Meet Miro Anter, Project Coordinator

Since the spring of 2021, Miro works as project coordinator at U-CARE. He is responsible for U-CARE’s internal and external communication and administration of associated studies, among other tasks.

Miro started working as a research assistant at U-CARE in the spring of 2020. Then he started to work in a project that analyses response behavior among participants who are using the U-CARE Platform (the Platform). 

– I have continued working in that project, says Miro. We analyse information about how participants in various studies have answered health questionnaires via the Platform. The Platform is an internet-based platform that is used for delivering psychological interventions to patients and their significant others. We explore what factors affect the participants’ response times, answer changes, and in what order they answer questions. The study will hopefully contribute with new knowledge about how to make health questionnaires more user friendly.

Miro has a master’s degree in social sciences at Uppsala University, with a specialisation in digital media and society. He thinks that it is exciting to be able to use his knowledge in order to contribute to something that feels meaningful.

– I really enjoy working at U-CARE, both as a workplace and because of the overarching goal to improve access to psychological healthcare. It feels great to be a part of that work.

When Miro is not working, he appreciates spending time with his family, preferably outdoors.

– I’m interested in growing vegetables. My partner and I are members of an association in which we grow everything together. It’s fantastic to harvest our own crops.

Photo of Miro Anter
Miro Anter, Project Coordinator.
Last modified: 2023-04-06