Meet some of our co-workers

Miro Anter – Research Assistant

Miro started to work as a research assistant in U-CARE in March 2020. Together with Helena Grönqvist and Erik Olsson, he is working on a new project to track and analyse users’ activity on the U-CARE-portal – an internet-based platform that is among other things used to deliver psychological interventions to different groups of patients and their significant others. Read the interview with Miro.

Photo of Miro Anter

Oscar Blomberg – Research Assistant

Photo of Oscar Blomberg

As a research assistant, Oscar helps our researchers with a variety of different tasks. He has been a part of the U-CARE team for a little over a year. In the beginning he worked mainly with descriptive statistics. Other tasks have been added gradually. Read the interview with Oscar.

Louise von Essen – Professor of Health Care Services Research and Programme Director

As a research group leader in U-CARE, Louise makes sure that the research conducted within the programme moves forward and is carried out in a smooth and efficient way. Her days at work can look very different from one another. Read the interview with Louise.

Photo of Louise von Essen

Li Hedenmalm – Research Administrator

Photo of Li Hedenmalm

Since Li became part of the U-CARE team in early 2020, her main task has been to improve U-CARE's  webpage. She has updated information, written some new texts and changed some of the images in order to give the webpage a more unitary look. Read the interview with Li

Sophia Humphries – Doctoral Student

Sophia has been part of the U-CARE research team since 2018. Under the supervision of Erik Olsson, one of the things she is studying are the effects of beta blockers. Read the interview with Sophia

Photo of Sophia Humphries

Ylva Hägg Sylvén – Developer and IT Coordinator

Photo of Ylva Hägg Sylvén

Ylva has been a system developer in U-CARE for about four years. She has a Master of Science degree in engineering with a specialisation in information technology. Read the interview with Ylva

Joanne Woodford – Researcher

As a researcher in U-CARE, Joanne carries out a variety of different tasks. She is the principal investigator for a number of different research projects, meaning that she is responsible for both the design and the conduct of these studies, alongside by collaborators. Read the interview with Joanne.

Photo of Joanne Woodford

Mattias Öhman – Associated Researcher

Photo of Mattias Öhman

Mattias is a researcher in health economics at the Institute for Housing and Urban Research and one of our associated researchers. He is currently working on a project within the U-CARE programme with Professor Louise von Essen. Together, they are studying the consequences of childhood cancer – how parents’ income and health are affected by their child’s illness. Read the interview with Mattias.