Meet some of our co-workers

Miro Anter – Project Coordinator

Photo of Miro Anter
Miro Anter, project coordinator.

Since the spring of 2021, Miro works as a project coordinator at U-CARE. He is responsible for U-CARE’s internal and external communication and administration of associated studies, among other tasks. Read the interview with Miro.

Oscar Blomberg – PhD Student

Photo of Oscar Blomberg
Oscar Blomberg, PhD student.

As a research assistant, Oscar helps our researchers with a variety of different tasks. He has been a part of the U-CARE team for a little over a year. In the beginning he worked mainly with descriptive statistics. Other tasks have been added gradually. Read the interview with Oscar.

Louise von Essen – Professor of Health Care Services Research and Programme Director

Photo of Louise von Essen
Louise von Essen, Professor in Caring Sciences and Programme Director.

As a research group leader in U-CARE, Louise makes sure that the research conducted within the programme moves forward and is carried out in a smooth and efficient way. Her days at work can look very different from one another. Read the interview with Louise.

Joanne Woodford – Senior Assistant Lecturer

Photo of Joanne Woodford
Joanne Woodford, Assistant Senior Lecturer.

As a researcher in U-CARE, Joanne carries out a variety of different tasks. She is the principal investigator for a number of different research projects, meaning that she is responsible for both the design and the conduct of these studies, alongside by collaborators. Read the interview with Joanne.

Mattias Öhman – Associated Researcher

Photo of Mattias Öhman
Mattias Öhman, Associated Researcher.

Mattias is a researcher in health economics at the Institute for Housing and Urban Research and one of our associated researchers. He is currently working on a project within the U-CARE programme with Professor Louise von Essen. Together, they are studying the consequences of childhood cancer – how parents’ income and health are affected by their child’s illness. Read the interview with Mattias.

Last modified: 2022-08-23