We conduct research within Mental health, eHealth, and Global Health. Our research concerns, for example, consequences of disease for patients and close ones, digital tools, and psychological interventions.

Welcome to U-CARE!

We are conducting research within the Mental health, eHealth, and Global health areas. Our projects within the Mental health area examine short- and long-term psychological consequences of somatic illness for the persons with the illness and their close ones. We are especially interested in how men are affected. Our research within eHealth has the overall purpose to develop, test, evaluate, and implement digital tools and psychological interventions. We are also conducting research within the area of Global health, for example, investigating whether digital support to parents can increase children’s chance to survive a cancer disease.

The U-CARE Platform

Person using the U-CARE platform on a tablet.

If you are interested in conducting research over the internet, it is possible to use the U-CARE Platform. The Platform is an internet-based platform that has been developed within the interdisciplinary research programme U-CARE. Via the Platform, both experimental and observational studies can be performed. For example, interventions such as self-help programmes can be delivered and evaluated here.

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Last modified: 2023-12-08