Our research focuses on the importance of psychological factors in relation to physical illness; psychological and economic consequences of physical illness; and the development, testing and evaluation of digital tools and psychological interventions.

Welcome to U-CARE!

Our research aims to increase access to psychological support for those who need it in relation to disease in themselves or their significant others. Several of our studies are conducted via the U-CARE-portal, a research and treatment portal developed within U-CARE.

The U-CARE-Portal

If you are interested in conducting research over the internet, it is possible to use the U-CARE-portal. The Portal is an internet-based platform that has been developed within the interdisciplinary research programme U-CARE. Via the Portal, both experimental and observational studies can be performed. For example, interventions such as self-help programmes can be delivered and evaluated here.

More about the Portal

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Last modified: 2022-06-17